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Yokosuka and Miura with Tania

Today was a beautiful day spent sightseeing around Yokosuka ! The weather was beautiful, the air was fresh and the food was great. It was easy getting there too.
In the morning, we took the one train on the express Keikyu line to Yokosuka Chuo station. From there it was from Yokohama an easy walt to Verney Park where we could see the docked naval ships and ocean. We also stopped by the Verney museum to catch up on some of the history of Yokosuka. After that, we took a short ferry ride to Sarushima, where we got more historical background of Japan during the war time.
The island was used as a bunker and you could still see the old pathways and bunker rooms where they used to store ammunitions; OF course, the views of island was refreshing as well.
We had lunch at Keikyu hotel and I got to try many different types of Japanese food. It was delicious and once my stomach was full we got to walking off to Miura fish market. I saw a lot of different types of fish being sold as Sashimi and as toppings for rice. Then, we did some light hiking down to Dougashima where we played on the shore. I found lots of different varieties of shellfish. Finally, we finished the day in a cute little pub owned by a cheerful mother and her daughter.
| We drank the local specialty called the "Yokosuka Brazir".
It was a memorable day in Yokosuka !